​Mama is a saint, yes she raised me real good

Mama told me :

Don’t do drug.
Don’t drink alcohol for fun or for forgetting problems.
Respect women. Treat them the right way.
Be loyal to people around you.
Be faithful to the one you love.

I did all that, but she left still mama.

Then I’m outta here, wondering where did I go wrong.

Which signs did I miss ?

Was it really love ? 

I’m wandering and wondering where did I mess up.

But mama also told me :

Son if she leaves you, let her go.

Don’t take her back.

So all I have to do is to listen to mama once again, cause I know she’s right.

And I know she’ll never teach something that will harm me.

Big boys don’t cry, that what they say. So that’s what I’ll do.